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Our copper gutters don’t rust and will prevent water from damaging your home. GUARANTEED.

Copper Gutters From Rainbusters Exteriors

Can your gutter system withstand the harsh weather here in the Seattle and Portland areas?

Copper gutters are a great way to protect your investment and keep your home safe from water damage.

At Rainbusters Exteriors, we only install the best copper seamless gutters on the market and provide gutter installation for homes with:

  • No existing gutters
  • Leaky gutters
  • Splitting or cracking gutters
  • Old, poorly maintained gutters

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Why Copper Gutters?

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Rust-free for life
  • Extremely beautiful
  • No joints, no leaks!
  • Professional-grade system
  • Custom designed to fit your home

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“They did an excellent job. They were on time and completed the job for the estimated amount. They left no mess and were polite. The last question they asked was “Is there anything else that we need to do for you?” I was impressed. These guys will not disappoint.”

Mary W. – Vancouver, WA

What are Copper Gutters?

Our copper seamless gutters are custom-built by an experienced gutter contractor right at your own home. The Rainbusters Exteriors gutter machine precision-cuts your gutters on site, ensuring a perfect fit.

Copper is an ideal gutter material due to its strength, durability, and rust-resistant properties. It can even withstand falling debris, which is key here in the stormy Pacific Northwest. They also looks beautiful on all types of homes and will last a lifetime!

Why Seamless Copper Gutters?

All our copper gutters are made from one piece of seamless material. This eliminates the possibility of your gutter system failing, leading to a longer lasting, leak-proof gutter. Seamless copper gutters also cut down on the maintenance of your gutters, as they reduce the debris that will get caught in your gutter.

When we install copper gutters, we use only the highest-quality copper, ensuring a lifetime of protection against heavy rain, ice, branches, moss, and other natural hazards affecting your Portland or Seattle home.

When installing gutters in the Pacific Northwest, there is only one choice if you want the best: seamless copper gutters.

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Our Copper Gutter Installation & Replacement Method

seamless rain gutters
At Rainbusters Exteriors, we work on every job as if it were our own gutter installation. We know copper gutters should be there for the life of the house – and we won’t rest until your new gutter system has been installed correctly.

When you call us for a copper gutter installation or replacement, we’ll:

  • Come to your home and measure your roof. Our estimates are always free, and we’ll never pressure you to commit.
  • Recommend a gutter system that’s right for you. We only use the highest quality copper seamless gutters.
  • Install a copper gutter system using the highest-quality hardware, including 3” stainless steel screws. Our gutters are installed to last a lifetime.
  • We cover all of our materials and labor with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about a failing gutter system destroying your home.

The expert installers at Rainbusters Exteriors have been installing copper gutters for over 20 years – we’ll always install it right the first time.


Falls are a leading cause of injury and death worldwide.

When working on or installing a gutter, you risk falling from your roof and severely injuring yourself. Leave it to the pros and work with professional and experienced gutter contractors to have your gutters (safely) done right.

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Copper Gutters FAQ

“Do you only do copper gutter replacements?”

We have experienced with all types of gutter installations, including newly built homes and old homes with no existing gutters. We love all gutter projects no matter what you have – or don’t have – currently.

We also offer gutter guard protection systems to keep your gutters free and clear of debris, helping avoid clogs and leaks.

“Do you offer only copper seamless gutters?”

In addition to copper gutters, we also offer aluminum gutters to homeowners in the Seattle area. We love both gutter materials due to their strength, durability, and the fact the simply never leak or sag. Give us a call to talk about which of the two is right for your home.

“Where in Washington do you work?”

We work throughout the I5 corridor from Everett (just north of Seattle) all the way down to Olympia, including the entire Seattle metro area. We’ll also head out to the coast or the Cascade Mountains. Just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you!

“Can you give me a copper seamless gutter installation estimate over the phone?”

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give quotes over the phone. If a gutter installation contractor is offering a quote without coming to you they don’t have your best interests in mind. Your new custom gutters will be custom designed to match your roofline. Until we visit your home and take exact measurements, we cannot provide you with an honest quote.

Our estimates are 100% free and there’s never any pressure to commit.

“Do your services come with a guarantee?”

Of course they do! All of our gutter installations are backed by our best in the Pacific Northwest, no questions asked lifetime warranty! If you are ever unhappy with our work, give us a call and we’ll make it right.

“Are you licensed and insured?”

We are! Rainbusters Exteriors is fully licensed and insured in Washington, and we are always happy to provide a copy of this information for your records. Every member of our team is carefully trained and trusted to treat your home like its their own.

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