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1. Are you licensed contractors?

Whenever hiring someone to do work on your home, check their credentials. Licensed, insured, and bonded contractors (like the team here at Rainbusters Exteriors) will know how to do to the job safely and correctly.

Any reputable, licensed contractor will make it easy for you to find his or her licensing information (the law requires it). Here’s ours (and you’ll find it on the bottom of every page on our website, too):

  • Washington License ID: RAINBEL896NH
  • Oregon CCB: #214704

Want to check a contractor’s credentials? Use these sites:

  • Washington Labor & Industries Search
  • State of Oregon Contractor Search

It’s that easy!


2. Are you a local company?

Working with a gutter company who’s familiar with the area is important. Not only are they more likely to be committed to their customers’ satisfaction, but they’ll know more about the area’s weather and the problems unique to local gutters.

We’re proud to have served the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years!


3. Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Once you’ve found a gutter company you think you can trust, you might be tempted to talk price right away. But no reputable and trustworthy gutter company will give you a quote over the phone.

Why? Gutter systems are custom built to fit your home’s roof. Until an experienced gutter contractor comes out to your home to measure the length of your roofline, there’s no way to provide an accurate quote. And what’s a quote worth if it’s not accurate? Not much!

Most gutter companies in Washington or Oregon will come out and take measurements and give you a quote for free. We’re happy to do it. Just call us at (833) 863-2070 and we’ll come out to your home.


4. Do you include a warranty on your work?

You need to trust that whoever you hire to work on your gutters will stand behind their work. Ask about their guarantee and any warranties on their products. And get it in writing!

Here’s our policy:

If you’re not happy with our work, we’ll come out and fix it, free of charge.


5. What kind of gutters do I need?

You shouldn’t have to be a gutter expert to find the right gutters for your home. Look for a gutter company that offers different options and can explain the benefits of each. Some of the most commonly used gutters in the Pacific Northwest are:

  • 5” and 6″ K-form gutters
  • 6″ Fascia gutters

Don’t forget about downspouts! You’ll want to make sure the downspouts a gutter company installs are capable of keeping water away from your home’s foundation and safely draining it into your yard.


6 & 7. Do you offer seamless gutters and do you use nails to install gutters?

Generally speaking, people need new gutters for 2 reasons:

  • Their new home doesn’t have any gutters
  • Their home’s gutters are leaking

Odds are you fit into one of these groups. Either way, you’ll want seamless gutters for your home. Seamless gutters are made from metal and are guaranteed not to leak. It really is that simple.

But since they’re made from metal, seamless gutters are heavier than plastic gutters. To keep costs low and to work faster, some gutter companies will use nails to hold seamless gutters in place. This is a mistake!

Over time, heavy metal gutters can cause smooth nails to lose their grip and pull out. This leads to droopy gutters that don’t drain properly! When we install seamless gutters we use 3” long stainless steel screws anchored into hidden brackets. Your seamless gutters will never leak, droop, or sag!


8. Can you install gutter guards?

Ask yourself a question: How much time do I want to spend cleaning my gutters?

In the Pacific Northwest, there’s lots of rain and lots of trees. It doesn’t take long for a set of unprotected gutters to fill up with debris, start growing mold, or attract insects looking for a place to nest. These issues all lead to clogged and leaky, overflowing gutters.

Luckily gutter guards are the answer! Think of them like a roof for your gutters. They protect your gutters from clogs and keep them flowing smoothly. They’re even designed to be mostly self-cleaning. When they fill with water, they’ll wash most of the accumulated debris away. About once or twice a year, just hose off your gutter guards.

No clogs and almost no maintenance? Why wouldn’t you want gutter guards!


9. Can you install gutters that match the color of my home?

You take pride in how great your home looks. Why would you add a set of gutters that are nothing but an eyesore? At Rainbusters Exteriors, we know how to make your gutters look great! We can match the color of your gutters to complement, accent or blend in with the color of your home.


Need Help With Your Gutters?

Have you bought a new home that needs new gutters? Or are your gutters clogged, leaking, or sagging? Rainbusters Exteriors is here to help you! Contact us today for a complimentary inspection and in-home consultation.

We’re here to help you and your satisfaction is our top priority!